The method: lean, versatile and functional

The studio’s intent is to combine high-level architecture with the reliability of engineering. To do this, it relies on solid and versatile models, developed over decades of work.

These models aim to make the process faster and more controlled, to leave more space for the conception of the design idea. They constitute an excellent starting point that must be implemented and reworked for each individual case in order to fully satisfy the customer’s needs.

To do this we used a multidisciplinary approach, monitoring the process at 360 °.

This is the integrated design idea of ​​Mor Studio Associato.

The team will supervise the entire process, coordinating specific excellences in order to derive a global benefit, combining architecture and engineering in the best possible way!

From strategic consultancy to the final project, from the choice of materials to the actual execution of the work, each practice is taken care of in order to ensure quality and reliability.

Method: how we work

A project is a perpetual dialogue between present and future, based on hypotheses and verifications.

Our method, adopted for over 20 years, consists of a precise procedural process based on streamlined and functional models, easily adaptable to the customer’s needs.

The Studio has prepared a Quality Manual and other tools aimed at guaranteeing constant control in the various phases of the design, in the construction management and in all the other activities carried out.

The entire construction process and the individual design phases are developed by integrating the architectural, structural, plant engineering components with the control of the technical, legal, economic and temporal aspects.

method circle of Mor
method circle projects

Qualifications and partners

Mor Studio Associato has adopted for over 20 years a policy aimed at achieving the highest quality standards.

We work with certified materials and construction systems, paying attention to the production and disposal cycle and the useful life of the building. We make use of competent partners in order to respect the agreements made with the client, in compliance with times and costs.

Consult the qualifications obtained by Mor Studio Associato and the partners we collaborate with.

What is Integrated Design?

Integrated Design is a multidisciplinary approach based on a process of continuous dialogue between designers, professionals and consultants with specific skills. Find out more about our method.

A look at the future: Bim

With BIM method's arrive, the studio is moving towards a design based on geometric and parametric modeling in n dimensions, capable of providing analysis and simulations. Find out more about our method.