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The Studio carries out consultancy for the global management of real estate assets. By analyzing the data collected, we evaluate the quality of the heritage, its value and its development potential. We plan the transformation and maintenance activities, draw up time schedules for short, medium and long-term interventions. This allows us to provide the customer with a complete view of the situation in order to optimize revenues.

Find out in detail our way of working and consulting services successfully completed.

C.T.U. and C.T.P. assignments

2020 | CTU_R.G.N. 13373/2018 – Tribunale Ordinario di Genova | Genova | Presidenza: Dott. Enrico Ravera, Ricorso ex artt. 696 e 696bis c.p.c. Progeco s.r.l./Istituto   Giannina Gaslini

2020 | CTU_R.G.N. 10949/2018 – Tribunale Ordinario di Genova | Genova | Presidenza: Dott. Enrico Ravera, Ricorso ex art. 696bis c.p.c. Condominio Via Colombo 7/Genova/Arch. Sergio Zampichelli

2020 | CTP _ A.T.P.: Boscarato Piazzo | Savona | Tribunale di Savona – A.T.P. R.G. n° 1760/2020

2016 | C.T.P. e A.T.P. per la Congregazione Operai Evangelici Franzoniani, Comune di Genova | Genova | Tribunale Civile di Genova , A.T.P. R.G. n° 10552/2015. Presidente del Tribunale Dott. Renato Delucchi, C.T.U. Prof. Arch. Maurizio Ameri, C.T.U. Armando Battelli.

2015 | C.T.P. per condominio in Vico Biestro 5, Noli | Savona | Promosso da Condominio Vico Biestro 5 contro Impresa   Individuale Secci Walter e altri. Tribunale Civile di Savona. A.T.P. , R.G. n° 2609/2015, C.T.U. Ing. Alessandro Ottonello.

2014 | C.T.P. nella causa Raggio/Basko | Genova | Promossa da BASKO S.p.A. contro Raggio Maria Cornelia. Tribunale Civile di Genova, R.G. n° 2982/2013. C.T.U. Geom. Riccardo Pigna.

2009  C.T.U. nella Causa N° 10964/06 | Genova | Terza Sezione Civile del   Tribunale di Genova, tra Sechi Boero/ Zancani/ Morello.

2008 | C.T.U. nella Causa N° 338/07 R.Gen. N° 1504/07 Sez. 3 | Causa tra   Ragusa Giovanni/Puggioni Carolina/Condominio Via   Centurione 17.

2008 | C.T.U. nella Causa N° 4494/08 R.Gen. N° 1004/08 Sez. 3 | Genova | Causa tra Pubblica Assistenza Nerviese/Carena S.p.A./ Comune di   Genova.

2000 | Corte di Appello di Genova – III Sezione Civile – CAUSA R.G. 881/95 | Genova |  Baldassarini contro Ronco/Cusato/Solari Filippo s.n.c., Via Malta.

2000 | Causa | Genova | Causa tra Demergasso contro GE s.p.a./Rose Rosse s.r.l./Sun  Insurance Office l.t.d., Busalla.

2000 | Ricorso per accertamento tecnico preventivo, c.p.c. | Genova | Promosso da Manitto contro Drago, Lavagna.

1999 | Causa presso il Tribunale di Genova – Sezione III | Genova | Villa Carrara, C.T. per la Parte Attrice.

1999 | Ricorso per accertamento tecnico preventivo | c.p.c. Ruolo G N° 2961/99 | Promosso da Ricchi contro Russo, Geraci e Condomino Vico Scuole Pie n°2.

1999 | Ricorso per accertamento tecnico preventivo, c.p.c. N° 8011/98 Cron.32 | Promosso da Studio Balbi S.U.R.L. contro Amirfeiz e Partners S.R.L.

Real estate management

Why intervene today on management methods?

Enhancement of the existing buildings

«Promuovere la riqualificazione urbana certificata aggredendo il patrimonio edilizio esistente che necessita di interventi utili al contenimento dei consumi di risorse e al miglioramento delle condizioni di comfort ambientale e dell’utente.»

Re-launch the construction sector

«The recognition of certification systems certified on international standards would recognize Italy to compete on the global market, favoring the conquest of the companies that make up the building supply chain and that invest in sustainability (economic, energy, etc.) and accelerate the process of transposition of the contents of the European directives on various subjects, which offer clear and demanding objectives to the member countries.»

Green Building Council Italy, 2013

What solutions do we propose?

Gestione immobiliare analisi 1

Define and adopt monitoring systems and data collection of real estate assets:

Homogeneous analysis of the situation of the heritage under examination, continuously updatable, and planning of priorities and needs. Implementation of a monitoring system that allows to identify the areas of excellence and the areas of intervention.

Gestione immobiliare analisi 2

Cost-benefit planning and analysis:

This planning system will have to maximize the rents and revenues of the various economic operators, taking into account the weighting of all the parameters necessary for the estimate. A single model is thus created which allows large-scale management and which elaborates comparable and homogeneous responses.

Some consulting assignments

Mapping of the sales network of a food supermarket chain

  • surveys, carried out by specialized technicians, of the building, management and economic characteristics of 193 sales points and 5 distribution centers through inspections throughout the national territory
  • development of software for archiving, management and processing of building and economic data of the sales network in question
  • data entry of what was acquired during the inspections and by the client
  • consultancy for the management of the client’s assets through the use of the tools of the developed software


Software Features

  • database (insertion and modification of acquired data)
  • filter (Complex queries with multiple user-customizable criteria)
  • calculator (statistics applied to all numerical data with execution of calculations)
  • dashboard (statistics fixed on some relevant data with return in the form of rankings)



  • prints of all environments
  • document management: connection and automatic opening of raster or vector image files (.dwg, .jpg) or document type (.doc, .xls) related to the store in question, from within the application
  • management of historical and contemporary data
  • secondary currency insertion
  • management of several users (eight, in this specific case) with degree of access to customized software
  • possibility of decentralizing the use of the software in the various technical offices, keeping the database and attachments on a central server


Characteristics of the sales network

n ° 1 Administrative and Technical Headquarters

n ° 5 Reference distribution centers each with its own Technical Department

193 store points

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