BIM: Building Information Modeling

What is BIM?

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a process that supports document management, coordination and simulation throughout the entire life cycle of a project starting with the creation of an intelligent 3D model.

The entire planning, design, construction, management and maintenance can therefore be managed by working on a single model which will therefore no longer be a simple geometric representation, but a real database that can use a collaboration engineering platform and Common Data environments. Environment.

By modeling in BIM it is possible to insert the characteristics of the materials used such as transmittance, but also other relevant data such as the cost of the material, the origin, the mechanical characteristics of the element.

This innovative working method is the maximum expression of integrated design.

Mor Studio Associato has always operated in this direction, combining and coordinating various specific skills with the aim of obtaining a global benefit.

With the advent of BIM software, the Firm has begun to prepare itself in order to be able to develop and strengthen skills in this area.

How is BIM used?

BIM technology is used to design and document building and infrastructure projects. Every detail of a building is modeled with the BIM process. The model can be used during analysis to explore design variations and create visualizations that allow those involved to understand what the building will look like before it is actually built. Next, the template is used to create the project documentation for the construction.


Optimize project planning by combining reality capture and data to generate contextual models of the existing building and natural environment.


With BIM, the processes of conceptual design, analysis, detailing and documentation are carried out. During the initial phase of the pre-construction process, the data is used to be shared with the client and the other actors in the process.


The initial phase of the construction process is based on the specifications of the BIM process. Project construction information is shared with the professionals and contractors involved to ensure the highest levels of synchronization and efficiency.

Operation management

The BIM data also extends to the operational management of the construction site and the maintenance of built assets. They can be used at a later stage, for example for economic refurbishment or efficient dismantling.

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Our projects

A project is a perpetual dialogue between present and future, based on hypotheses and verifications.

Our method, which has been granted for over 20 years, consists of a precise procedural process based on streamlined and functional models, easily adaptable to the customer’s needs. The procedure, based on the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard, provides for a clear division of roles in order to guarantee the customer precision, professionalism and transparency. The studio has prepared a Quality Manual and other valuable documents aimed at guaranteeing meticulous control in the various phases of the design, in the construction management and in all the other activities carried out.

To design, from the Latin "projectare": to throw ahead.