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About us

About us: a team of professionals for your needs

Founded in 1952 by Andrea Mor, the studio has its roots in the history of Genoa, of which it has contributed to shaping the urban landscape.

To date, Mor Studio Associato can count on the experience of the founding members, on a team of qualified collaborators and on a dense network of carefully selected external professionals. Each of these makes their skills available in order to offer the customer full support for every need.

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About us: our team

Chi siamo Andrea mor
Andrea Mor

Andrea was born in Genoa on 21 June 1927. After graduating in Civil Construction Engineering, he enrolled in the Register of Engineers in 1952.

Passionate about architecture and art lover, he became friends during his life with numerous prominent personalities such as Eugenio Montale, Franco Albini and Ludovico Quaroni.

In 1952 he started a collaboration with Eng. Angelo Sibilla, creating the Mor Sibilla studio. Since 1992 he has continued his professional activity with his son Giorgio.

Today Andrea is 94 years old, yet he still goes to the studio to try to contribute his experience to the team’s work.

Vivite fortes fortiaque adversis opponite pectora rebus
(Live strong, but even more strong oppose your breasts to adversity)

Orazio, Satire, II, 2, 210-11
Chi siamo Giorgio Mor
Giorgio Mor

Giorgio was born in Genoa on July 27, 1964. In 1988 he graduated with full marks from the Faculty of Civil Engineering.

Two years later, animated by the desire to combine technical and aesthetic aspects, he also obtained a degree in Architecture with full marks. The desire to tackle the job relying on a multidisciplinary basis transpires from the course of study undertaken and today permeates the team of Mor Studio Associato.

The studio has deep roots but it look at the future, as evidenced by the numerous publications, as well as Giorgio’s commitment in the university field and in research.

Since 2000 Giorgio has been a tenured professor at the University of Genoa.

Time does not respect what has been done without it

Bruno Barilli
Chi siamo
Antonella Sanminiatelli

Antonella was born in Genoa on May 5, 1970.

In 1996 he graduated in Architecture obtaining the highest marks.

Today he takes care of the architectural matrix part with passion and dedication, making sure that every work can count on a modern and effective design. During her career Antonella has participated in research activities, competitions and competitions both nationally and internationally.

This has allowed her to refine her vocation for planning, interior design and yacht design, acquiring excellent skills to work in a team and to collaborate in the best possible way for the realization of projects.

The starting point is the tension towards beauty, towards art, so that surprise, astonishment and unexpected are also part of the architectural work.

Oscar Niemeyer