About our job

About our job: the services we offer

About our job: architecture, engineering and much more

Di cosa ci occupiamo architettura


The Studio operates both in the public and private fields, ranging in many sectors: residential, health and hospital, school, office and commercial, tourist accommodation, sports, industrial, religious and religious buildings and coastal engineering. In the field of urban planning, Mor Studio Associato acts at all levels by drawing up General Urban Planning, implementation tools, Environmental Assessments and much more.

Di cosa ci occupiamo sicurezza


The Studio carries out safety coordination activities in the design and execution phase, draws up safety plans, and prepares the documentation required by current legislation. MSA is authorized pursuant to Legislative Decree 81/08 Safety and hygiene at work in temporary or mobile and construction sites. The team carries out monitoring activities on the construction site of the contract with innovative tools, operating on site and remotely with remote control activities.

Di cosa ci occupiamo consulenze


The Studio provides consultancy for the global management of real estate assets. By analyzing the data collected, we evaluate the quality of the heritage, its value and its development potential. We plan the transformation and maintenance activities, draw up time schedules for short, medium and long-term interventions. This allows us to provide the customer with a complete view of the situation in order to optimize revenues.

Our projects

A project is a perpetual dialogue between present and future, based on hypotheses and verifications.

The method, adopted for over 30 years, consists of a precise procedural process based on streamlined and functional models, easily adaptable to the customer’s needs. The procedure, based on the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard, provides for a clear division of roles in order to guarantee the customer precision, professionalism and transparency. The studio has prepared a Quality Manual and other tools aimed at guaranteeing meticulous control in the various phases of the design, in the construction management and in all the other activities carried out.

To design, from the Latin projectare: to throw ahead.